How Energy
Green hydrogen production

Power the future

Power to the future

Bringing autonomous, wind powered, deep sea, high capacity, liquifi ed hydrogen production plants to the market.

No offshore assembly

Designed to be assembled in one shore side location. No offshore assembly, no fixed infrastructure, deep sea anchorage (< 3000 m).

LH2 production

Large robust turbines are less disturbed by air turbulence and ship motions than smaller turbines, increasing the capacity factor somewhat.

Rough weather

The wind pressure on the large propeller and the damping of the anchoring device greatly stabilizes the unit.

Who are we?

A fresh start up with huge ambitions of contributing to the global de-carbonisation

The Unit

Designed to operate under rough sea and wind conditions

LH2 Production capacity

4000 tons LH2 per unit annually

Windmill output

45 + Mw per unit

Cost per kg LH2

< Nok 30 (USD 3) (based on fleet of 5)